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2024 Black Series HQ15
  • 2024 Black Series HQ15

    $53,199.00 Regular Price
    $42,559.20Sale Price

    The 2024 Black Series HQ15 is a standout choice for adventurers seeking both comfort and rugged off-road capability.


    Priced at $42,599,

    this travel trailer offers a unique combination of features designed for both luxury living and off-road mastery.


    Key Specifications:

    • Length and Weight: Measuring 23 feet in length, it has a dry weight of 5,291 lbs, offering a payload capacity of 2,209 lbs and a GVWR of 7,500 lbs​​.


    • Holding Tanks: The HQ15 is equipped with a 64-gallon fresh water tank, 26-gallon gray water tank, and a 26-gallon black water tank, ensuring ample water storage for your adventures​​.


    • Propane and Power: It features two propane tanks with a total capacity of 9.4 gallons (40 lbs). The solar power capability, with integrated solar panels, ensures sustainable energy off the grid​​​​.


    • Construction: The camper's body is made of steel with an aluminum sidewall construction, ensuring durability and resilience in various terrains​​.


    Comfort and Convenience:

    • Interior Design: The interior boasts a modern and stylish design with vinyl flooring, bench seats in the kitchen area, and a compact refrigerator. It can comfortably sleep up to four people, with one double bed available​​​​.


    • Bathroom Facilities: There's a conveniently located bathroom in the rear with a porcelain toilet and vinyl flooring, providing home-like comfort even in remote locations​​.


    • Climate Control: For temperature regulation, the HQ15 comes with automatic air conditioning (13,500 BTUs) and heating (16,000 BTUs) systems​​.


    • Water Heater: A tankless water heater is included, ensuring hot water is always available​​.


    Entertainment and Connectivity:

    • The trailer includes one radio, speakers both inside and outside, and a single television. Bluetooth audio is available, although Wi-Fi capability and mobile app instrumentation are not included​​​​.


    Additional Features:

    • Off-Road Capabilities: It's engineered with a heavy-duty chassis and off-road tires, making it ideal for navigating challenging terrains​​.


    • Awning and Exterior Kitchen: A 10 ft. power retractable awning provides outdoor shade, and the exterior kitchen includes a sink and stove for convenient outdoor cooking​​​​.


    • Wheels and Brakes: Aluminum wheels, one axle, and ST265/75R16 off-road tires are included, along with electric drum rear brakes for safety and reliability​​​​.


    Overall, the 2024 Black Series HQ15, with its blend of luxury amenities and rugged features, is an excellent choice for those who love off-road adventures without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

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