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Our Story

Rocky's RVs sprang to life in 2021, planted firmly on the foundation of the Stone family's love for exploration and community spirit. From our home in Lubbock, Texas, we extend a warm welcome to every traveler stepping through our doors.

Our Commitment

Nestled in the wide expanses of Texas, Rocky's RVs boasts a diverse array of the latest RV models and meticulously cared for pre-owned units. Our tailored special deals are designed to ensure that every adventurer finds their perfect match at the best possible value.


Our Approach

Customer service at Rocky's RVs is a reflection of our family values: genuine, honest, and welcoming. Whether you're embarking on your first RV purchase or seeking a new companion for the roads well-traveled, we're here to provide guidance with integrity.

Our Team

Knowledgeable and approachable, our team at Rocky's RVs is dedicated to making your experience seamless. With easy financing options, we ensure the RV lifestyle is accessible to all who are called by the open road.


Join Our Family

Begin your next great adventure with Rocky's RVs, where the vast Texas sky meets the open road. We're not just handing over keys; we're unlocking new experiences filled with freedom and discovery.

Welcome to Rocky's RVs in Lubbock, Texas – Your Gateway to Adventure.

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